What is HipServ?

HipServ is the most widely used standalone home media server solution on the market today.

With close to 1,000,000 unique home users worldwide, HipServ is the best and easiest solution for gathering your precious photos, music and video files in one safe place at home and play them anywhere, on any connected computing and consumer electronic device including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android tablets and smartphones, BlackBerry Playbook and Samsung smart TVs. You can also share your media files with friends and family at home or around the world in a simple and secure way. It’s your very “home” cloud server!

HipServ’s trend setting solution provides consumers with a unique and simple home cloud experience. Home users can finally keep all the content within their own home while maintaining control over their precious digital media at all times.

HipServ’s friendly user interface offers an enriched experience in playing your content on various devices with a simple push of a button.  Whether you want to watch your videos on your iPad, Android tablets or on your TV; HipServ gives you the flexibility to do it all from your fingertips!

Store all of your precious media in one safe place, at home.

Store all of your precious media
in one safe place, at home.

HipServ allows you to collect all of your media and save your precious photos, videos, music and other digital files in one safe place on your home network. The Media Library application offers an easy way to organise your digital media files under family and personal libraries. You can add tags and captions to files, create albums with photos and videos, or create music playlists. You can create albums with themes representing major events such as birthdays, weddings or vacations. The media library provides detailed information on your media files and allows you to determine how those files can be used by HipServ users, friends and family, or your accessed by your networked digital media players.

Totally free remote
access and sharing!

HipServ allows you to share your content with friends and family by sharing albums containing photos, music and videos. You can share your media publicly with the entire world or just with selected users.

A household’s digital content can be accessed from anywhere in the world via online media portals which provides each HipServ unit with a unique web address. Users can view the digital files over a standard web browser from anywhere! Now you can also enjoy your media on your mobile devices with our new HipServ Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, And remember, accessing your HipServ from anywhere in the world is absolutely free, no subscription is required!

Enjoy your media on
any screen, anywhere!

HipServ allows you to enjoy all of your media on a variety of devices on your home network. You can create Albums and playlists and look at your photos and watch your videos on your favourite game console such as a PS3 or an Xbox 360. HipServ allows you to simply and easily enjoy your photos, videos and music, anywhere and at any time. You can connect to your HipServ and access your music collection from any UPNP and DLNA compliant music player. HipServ is compatible with Sonos, too. You can also connect to your HipServ from iTunes clients on your PC or Mac and listen to your music from any computer in the home. HipServ will stream your videos to a wide selection of DLNA compliant digital media players and smart TVs. Popular DMAs including the Netgear Digital Entertainer, or a DLink DSM device as well as game stations such as the Xbox 360 and PS2 will be able to connect to your HipServ and stream movies and home videos to your TV. Very soon, you will be able to browse your HipServ content directly from your smart TV with the HipServ TV application for Samsung TVs for example.

With HipServ, you can create photo albums and stream them to your WiFi picture frame.

Backup all your PC
and Mac content!

Now with HipServ you can backup all your Windows and Mac computers precious content. For Macs, HipServ acts as a BIG and expandable TimeCapsule gathering all TimeMachine backups on your network. For Windows PCs, HipServ receives all Windows backups on the network, transparently and seamlessly.

Use HipServ as a
network print server!

Turn any USB printer into a networked printer by using the HipServ Print server. You can print from any PC or Mac connected to the home network on which the HipServ resides.

Broaden your horizons
with Open HipServ

Brand new to HipServ is the Open HipServ API, a new way to add what you want to your HipServ. With the Open HipServ API developers can create applications that interact with your HipServ content. New ways of enjoying and sharing your media are now limited just by the applications you can dream of and come up with!

Download Open HipServ API

Get more with the new HipServ Premium Pack – Now just $9.99 for life!

For just $9.99 for the life of your HipServ-powered NAS, you can enjoy many more features. Here is a view
of what you can get. And we regularly add new features to the HipServ Premium Pack at no additional costs!
Unlimited Accounts Unlock the HipServ experience to your entire family. Add unlimited account creation to your HipServ. TiVo If you have a TiVo, this feature it Perfect for you! Stream your photo and music content straight from your HipServ to your family room TV using your TiVo remote.
Secure FTP Looking to ensure your remote communications is lock-down secure? Add FTPS to your HipServ Cooliris Want to really impress your guests? Show them your holiday pictures using the 3D Wall CoolIris interface. Now that's cool!
RSS feed Keep your friends and family regularly updated with your latest holiday photos using the integrated RSS feed feature Flickr Here's a great idea, create your albums on HipServ then automatically push them to your Flickr account for friends and family to see.
USB Backup USB Backup makes backing up the content of your HipServ on to a USB drive easy and convenient. MySync Continuously sync your media between your HipServ, your PCs and your Macs anytime and from anywhere. It's your very own cloud sync solution at home or around the world!
Facebook Are you a Facebook-fanatic? Like sharing your pictures with your friends? Simplify your life by sharing albums created on your HipServ directly to your Facebook account. Torrent Share and download files directly from your HipServ using the torrent peer-to-peer protocol anytime!
Ad-Free apps Enjoy our HipServ apps with no ads when you become a premium subscriber. HipServ Nomad for PC Connecting to your HipServ is faster and easier with HipServ Nomad native desktop application. Now you can drag and drop media to and from your HipServ from any desktop, and do away with loading slow browsers!
HipServ Nomad for USB keys The ultimate in mobility! Install and run HipServ Nomad desktop app from a USB key connected to any Mac or Windows computer for maximum flexibility, anywhere.

HipServ is available in 16 different languages, so there is a good chance we talk the same language!

Today, HipServ boast a community of over 400,000 and growing by a thousand each day! Embrace the digital lifestyle and create your very “home” cloud with HipServ!

HipServ can be found on a variety of devices such as Network Attached Storage and diskless media hub device available at retail under various household computing brands. HipServ is also available as a software-only solution for your PC from Roxio.

Powered by HipServ - The Home Cloud Server you Deserve!

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